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About Us

Our Philosophy

We take a patient-focused approach at Back2Health to ensure your health and well-being is our priority. Our dedicated team is focused on helping you overcome your health concerns with their extensive knowledge and experience, and you can trust these practitioners to develop a personal recovery plan to suit your needs and get you back on track to optimal health.

Our Techniques

Using a holistic approach, we offer chiropractic, neuromuscular & myofascial therapies, laser therapy, and many more services to get to the root of the problem and alleviate your pain and discomfort. From back and neck pain, to stress-related issues and posture alignment, we cover it all so you can depend on our educated and experienced team to get you back to optimal physical function, energetic balance, and general well-being.



We provide services such as Chiropractic, Trigenics, and Laser Therapy to treat a range of conditions including back pain (acute and chronic), chronic pain conditions (including fibromyalgia), focusing/motivation, headaches, postural and ergonomic concerns, rotator cuff problems, sciatica, scoliosis, sleep issues, and sports injuries (running injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, acute trauma). We also assist with any issues involving joints, nerves, or muscles!

Our Rates

We have a range of pricing options available to choose from to suit everybody. Our prices vary depending on the treatment you need, so don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can discuss your treatment and pricing options.


Chiropractic care is used to treat a wide range of issues, particularly involving the nervous system and spine-related issues. This treatment method might involve spinal manipulations, rehabilitation recommendations, mobility exercises, and more. Commonly used for back pain, headaches, joint pain, or other injuries, this practice is based on the belief that the body has the natural ability to self-heal.

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral therapy enhances the mobility of the craniosacral system by improving the circulation of blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid to the spinal cord, brain, cranial nerve system, pituitary & pineal glands, and more. This is a beneficial treatment method for many chronic conditions as well as being used as a preventive measure.


Trigenics is used for correcting energy-related imbalances and physical injuries in the body. By combining muscle manipulations and breathing techniques, this treatment method relieves pain for many joint-related injuries and syndromes. Initially developed to enhance chiropractic treatments, Trigenics is now a proven stand-alone therapy option too.

Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

This treatment is a proactive alternative to pharmaceuticals or invasive surgery and can be used for a variety of conditions. When introduced as part of a larger, integrated treatment plan, laser therapy can greatly accelerate your healing time.

Dr. Christian Guenette

Meet Your Chiropractor

The Chiropractor

Dr. Christian Guenette is a holistic chiropractor with over ten years of education in the field of human health and wellness. To address as many conditions as he can, Dr. Guenette combines Chiropractic with techniques such as Trigenics and CranioSacral Therapy. Everything he does is designed to effectively relieve your pain and suffering, and to bring you back to an optimum state of health.

Dr. Guenette stresses the role that the individual can have with respect to their own health and healing. As such, he really sees his role as a ‘facilitator’ in this process. His techniques are really quite miraculous at balancing the body when the patient is in his office, but he knows the effects will be temporary unless they are equipped with the tools to stay balanced.

Why Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a healing profession, based upon the philosophy that the nervous system is one of the most integral parts of the body’s natural healing process — in order for the body to function optimally, the nervous system must also be functioning at its optimum level. Since almost every single nerve in the body at some point must pass through the spinal canal, the health of the spine is one of the most vital components in this system. Since nerves can also pass directly through muscles, proper muscle ‘tone’ is also crucial. Musculoskeletal imbalance can, and will, lead to nervous system interference.


Why Choose Us

At Back2Health, we take a holistic approach when treating our patients. We treat pain and imbalances as well as finding the source of the pain. Whether you’re suffering from an injury, chronic pain or pain due to stress or energy imbalance, we are dedicated to getting to the root of the problem to create a recovery plan to suit you. With a combined 30+ years of experience, we are experts in helping our patients with pain relief and prevention, and developing recovery plans. Your health is our priority and we take a patient-focused approach to your recovery to get you back to optimal health.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our team will carefully evaluate your unique situation. They will take your symptoms, health history, medical records, previous injuries/surgeries, and goals into consideration before deciding which service they recommend will work best for your recovery.
Ranging from $50-$200 we have affordable treatment solutions available to suit everyone. This cost will vary depending on the service required and the length of time it takes. Get in touch & we can advise you on the cost of your visit!
No. All of our services use pain-free, non-invasive techniques to make your healing process as comfortable as possible for you. Our aim is to relieve your pain, not to add more!
There are endless possibilities that can cause pain in the body. From work or sports-related injuries and motor accidents to chronic conditions and general everyday aches and pains, joint and muscle pain can be a huge hindrance and cause a lot of pain. We are here to help alleviate this pain and get back to optimal health.
The timeframe of success depends on the individual. Depending on how old the injury is, its severity, where in the body you’re receiving treatment, and your recovery plan, the results will vary. Some patients experience instant relief and others feel the benefits over the course of the recommended recovery period.
Most people have no issues receiving chiropractic care post-op. Your health is our priority, so your practitioner will carefully assess your situation, surgery notes, and medical records to ensure it’s the right treatment method for you.